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Windows Powershell Cookbook, Paperback

Windows Powershell Cookbook, Paperback

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How do you use Windows Power Shell to navigate the filesystem, manage files and folders, or retrieve a web page? This introduction to the Power Shell language and scripting environment provides more than 400 task-oriented recipes to help you solve all kinds of problems. Intermediate to advanced system administrators will find more than 100 tried-and-tested scripts they can copy and use immediately. Updated for Power Shell 3. 0, this comprehensive cookbook includes hands-on recipes for common tasks and administrative jobs that you can apply whether you’re on the client or server version of Windows. You also get quick references to technologies used in conjunction with Power Shell, including format specifiers and frequently referenced registry keys to selected .NET, COM, and WMI classes. Learn how to use Power Shell on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012Tour Power Shell’s core features, including the command model, object-based pipeline, and ubiquitous scripting Master fundamentals such as the interactive shell, pipeline, and object concepts Perform common tasks that involve working with files, Internet-connected scripts, user interaction, and more Solve tasks in systems and enterprise management, such as working with Active Directory and the filesystem


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